6 Recipes to Stock Your Freezer With

As summer winds down, the fresh local produce is still widely available. It is the perfect time to make an abundance of fresh foods to store in the freezer for winter. If you are like me, we plan to stay in our cozy home and continue to feast on homemade meals and limit our grocery outing to once a month. So stock up on freshness and stock up on all your homemade favorites!

With that in mind, here are 6 recipes to stock your freezer or cupboards with for the winter ahead:

Butternut Squash Soup – I make a lot of this soup when it is squash season. It freezes well and is a very hearty, warming meal for the winter.

Garlic Flatbread – My husband’s new favorite snack! It freezes great and can be used for mini pizzas, wraps, or just as a snack!

Pesto – Time to harvest all that basil from the summer! We have 9 jars and counting in our freezer!

Apple Cinnamon Muffins – Fall is apple season! Bake up some muffins and freeze them for a quick and delicious breakfast through the winter.

Buckwheat Pancakes – Fresh pancakes are the best. But a good substitute are frozen pancakes that you just pop into the toaster! So make a big batch of these pancakes, eat some now and freeze the rest for when you are craving them again.

Apple Cranberry Granola – Granola is great at any time of the year. But when the weather gets cooler, it’s nice to turn on the oven and bake up some trays of this delicious treat. Give some jars away or save it all for you and your family, this crunchy snack is always a hit.


So tell me, what’s in your freezer?

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