Our Story

Established by Mary Wallin and Jourdan Hines in 2013, Well Rounded Guru (WRG) began as a blog to document and share recipes with friends and family.

Fast forward a couple of years later after getting married and attending yoga teacher certification, M and J decided to incorporate yoga and wellness into WRG.

In 2016 it became official, Well Rounded Guru L.L.C. was established in the state of Wisconsin and has expanded to offer yoga services and an online boutique.

Here & Now

WRG is currently based out of Madison, Wisconsin. We enjoy sharing yoga with the greater community through both in-person and online classes. Whether it be through yoga, recipes, or wellness we want to help others feel and be their best.

We encourage you to find what makes you come alive!

Balancing life with
a pinch of indulgence

We believe in the individual experience and that one thing may not work for everybody. Our mission is to help people on their path toward wellness and encourage others to find what works best for their unique lifestyle and circumstances.

A fulfilling life is often thought to be one lived in the middle between two extremes. This is important but let’s not forget the little joys that comes from having a pinch of indulgence.

“Moderate in order to taste the joys of life in abundance.” – Epicurus

Meet the WRG Crew

Mary Wallin

Co-Founder, Yoga Instructor, Chef

Born and raised in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, Mary is a passionate individual with interests ranging from theatre to the outdoors, from teaching to living mindfully. She is passionate about travel, performing on stage, and she loves to share food, ideas, and laughter with those around her.

Residing in Madison, WI with her partner Jourdan and their pup Jaya, Mary seeks to share her kindness and all that she has to offer, with the world. She is currently a RYT-200 Certified Yoga Instructor and she is proud to be a part of the music group Jourdan Hines and the Dapper Whimsy.

“To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow. So do it.”  – Kurt Vonnegut

Jourdan Hines

Co-Founder, Yoga Instructor, Musician

Equal part musician, yogi, and designer, Jourdan self-identifies as a modern renaissance man. He has a passion for ideas and dreaming, strives to make things happen, and loves to create beautiful things to share with the world.

Growing up on a Midwestern dairy farm, he worked beside his dad while learning about dedication and gaining a strong work ethic. He currently resides in Madison, WI where you can find him playing music, doing yoga, and pondering the meaning life alongside his partner Mary and their dog Jaya.

“Never let it be said that to dream is a waste of one’s time, for dreams are our realities in waiting. In dreams, we plan the seeds of our future.” – unknown

Madeline Winchester

Writer / Contributor

Maddie Winchester made her earthly debut on a bright April morning in the early 90’s at a hospital in Nashville, Tennessee. She has lived many other places since then, including but not limited to her parent’s house, a dorm room in Alabama (roll tide), a tiny flat in London, and now a (mostly) functional apartment in New York City.

On paper, Maddie is a business manager and freelance creative, but at the heart of it all she loves to write, dream, and feel things–and to support other people in writing, dreaming, and feeling things. She is thrilled to contribute to the blog as an honorary Guru!

“We’re fascinated by the words, but where we meet is in the silence behind them.” – Ram Dass


Fluffy Support Staff

Born in the desert of Arizona, a young pup by the name of Sonya had a difficult start into this world. She was born with an enormous personality and an overgrown sealed eyelid. Rejected by her immediate family, it took one surgery and 3 owners before she found her way to Mary through wonderful happenstance. Knowing her history, Mary promptly renamed her Jaya, sanskrit for Victory.

Since 2010, Jaya has been on many adventures across the United States. She loves everything about life, but especially camping, swimming, hunting squirrels, and of course popcorn and peanuts! She is shy around new people, but once you get to know her, she is the most lovable cuddly creature with a whole lotta soul!

“Live. Laugh. Bark.” – unknown

Live – Laugh – Love