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Here’s what we’ve been cooking in our kitchen, how we’ve been staying active, and what we’ve been reading while curled up on the couch.

Pizza Crust Dough

Now there is an easy way to make homemade pizza whenever the craving strikes! Being in quarantine has urged us to become more creative with what we can make with what we have in our cupboards. Voila! Pizza anytime my husband …
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Red Curry Lentils

Looking for that yummy winter comfort food that will fill the tummy and put a smile on your face? Well then, look no further! This recipe will feed the family, or provide delicious leftovers. Perfect for a cold winter day.
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Blueberry Vanilla Scones

I have been experimenting more with breakfast options since working from home most of the time now. Using my traditional biscuit recipe, I modified it to create these deliciously sweet Blueberry Vanilla Scones for breakfast. …
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