Jourdan Hines

Buckwheat Pancakes

Who doesn’t love pancakes? It is a great weekend activity in this household! These pancakes are super delicious, especially when you had some frozen or fresh blueberries to the mix! They freeze well, so if you have any leftovers, throw them in the freezer, then in the toaster when you […]

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blowing a dandelion into the aire

Breathing is fundamental to living yet it is so often taken for granted. It is happening every moment of our life, which is why it can be easy to ignore. The act of breathing can be considered an involuntary process but it is unique because it can also be voluntary. […]

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The beginning of February is an easy time to fall behind on new year’s resolution. Having put forth an effort building healthy habits and the fact that it’s the middle of winter makes it all a challenge. Although this period can being trying, it is also the ideal time to […]

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