4 Daily Habits to Increase Productivity

Many people think they are not “naturally” creative. We often reserve that title for people who paint murals, write songs, or design logos. Obviously those tasks are creative, but we can also widen the definition to include many more talents and interests. Everyone has a task or moment during the day where they are being creative, whether or not they realize it. This can look like putting together a lunch for a loved one– what do you choose to include and why? How do you make the experience enjoyable and beautiful? Creativity can be the way you speak to a stranger– how do you approach them? What do you choose to ask about their lives?

As you can see, even the smallest moment tucked into a pocket of our day is an opportunity to be creative. It’s just a matter of perspective. 

Whether you are young or old, in a “creative” or more traditional field of work, cultivating creativity through daily practices can improve your wellbeing in numerous ways. Try implementing the following habits into your life and see if you become more inspired, productive, and happy. 


You can’t be too surprised that our first suggestion at Well Rounded Guru is meditation! Meditation has so many benefits to the mind-body connection, and enhancing your creative power is no exception. By calming your breath and observing your thoughts, you give your brain the chance to sink into lower vibrating frequencies where much of our creative capacity lives. A consistent practice will clear your mind, help you focus, and keep you tuned into your creative power. You are essentially creating space in your mind for new ideas to flow in. As little as five minutes a day can make a difference. 

Play Time

Another game-changing habit for your creative flow is to set aside ten minutes (ideally around the same time) each day to playfully create something. It can be anything– ten minutes of journaling, freehand drawing, singing along to your favorite album, or rearranging a shelf in your house. By putting a ten minute structure in place, and repeating it daily, you train your mind to open up to creative flow. It takes pressure off of needing to produce something “good”, because not only are you limited to 10 minutes, you will always get to try again tomorrow.

Engage the Senses

Our third tip for increasing your creativity is to have a station somewhere in your home, where you keep a few objects and items that engage your senses in a positive way. We spend so much time looking at screens that it can be helpful to gently stimulate other senses and allow our brain to rest. Gems and crystals, essential oils, soft fabrics, a speaker to play your favorite music, or anything else you find positively stimulating can be kept at your sensory station to visit whenever you need to re-center or boost your creativity. Similar to meditation, this practice serves to get you out of the chattering thoughts in your head and moving towards a more embodied experience of creative flow. 

Get Outside

Our last daily habit to increase creativity is to leave your house or workplace and experience the outdoors! It doesn’t matter what type of climate or setting you live in, there is always something outside that can spark creativity. Taking five minutes twice a day, or as often as you can, to move your body and intentionally take in your surroundings will have a huge effect on your sense of inspiration. Absorb the new visual information, the sounds of the environment, the smells in the air. Without judging them as good or bad, try to allow the experience to spark new ideas for you. If you’re stuck on a creative project, you can use this outdoor time as a mental break, returning fresh and ready to move forward. 

Regardless of what you do for work, school, or a hobby, you are creative. You are creative simply because you make hundreds and thousands of unique choices every day. If you’re feeling cut off from your inherent sense of creativity, try these practices for a few weeks and see if you start to feel more creativity flow. We would love to hear how it goes! 

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