October 27, 2016

Yogi Training Part II – Transformation of Self

I have always been fond of school, the classroom, and process of learning in general; if given the right subject. Philosophy in particular has always been an interest of mine. After all, Jourdan and I met in Philosophy of Love, Sex, and Friendship and happened to take a number of other philosophy classes together in college. Therefore it comes naturally that I enjoy the philosophical aspects of yoga training.

If philosophy is my inspiration then asana practice is my motivation as I seek to better my understanding of the postures and movement as it relates to yoga. However, true transformation come through working on both body and mind.

Transforming the Self

The first two weekends were all centered on the Transformation of Self. For each of the four days we had a 90 minute yoga session, professional workshop, anatomy and philosophy, and social emotional learning techniques all related to the theme of the day. The themes introduced were: Transformation of Self, Breathe for Beginnings, Breathe for Creativity, and Breathe for Gratitude.

Each theme focused on cultivating inner strength and establishing a foundation of wholeness from which to grow. By concentrating on personal strengths and gifts, we could start to build upon our inner strengths and develop self love. Through gratitude and compassion for ourselves and those around us, we can truly live life as our fully expressed selves and begin to grow our branches.

Basic Mindfulness Mediation

Meditation is a great technique to use to set clear intentions for ourselves and help establish our individual path. The trainers encouraged us to adopt a regular meditation practice and therefore have been doing a four minute meditation each morning.

We use Ensō a great meditation timer app for the iPhone and set it for four, one-minute intervals. Each minute is used for a different focus beginning first with thoughts of gratitude, followed by experiencing the five senses, next acknowledging feelings and emotions, and lastly focusing on our train of thoughts.

Personal Growth

Since finishing the Transformation of Self section of our training, I have definitely felt my roots and branches begin to grow. I am continuing to develop my home practice and take into consideration all that we are learning within the training process.

Furthermore, through regular practice, support from the Breathe for Change community, and most importantly, love from Jourdan, I feel my inner strength and confidence building every day.


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