June 21, 2019

Meditating with the Seasons: Summer

We often associate toasty temperatures, week-long road trips, and melting ice cream with the arrival of summer, but the significance of the season goes far beyond tasty treats and breaks from work that we love so much. The shift from spring to summer, as with the change between every season, is a perfect time to reflect on how the Earth’s patterns can influence and mirror our own internal landscape.

As human beings who are connected to the natural world, we are more affected by the seasons than we may realize. One simple way to harness the positive qualities of each season and truly attune ourselves to the way it affects us, is to meditate. By acknowledging the changes in our desires and energy as we shift into summer, we harmonize ourselves with the Earth’s natural rhythms.

Summer: Seeking Action

Have you ever been lounging poolside during the summer, not a care in the world, only to be overcome by the desire to do something, right away, even if you don’t know exactly what it is? That’s the energy of summer moving through you– the elements of fire and water are strong at this time of year, which can inspire spontaneity and exploration. Spring is a time of birth, which means the summer is a playground for youth to express itself in your life. Consider projects, ideas, or relationships that sprang up in previous months. Are they now running forward with the fiery energy of summer? Where can you allow yourself to play, explore, and take action with them?

The summer solstice, the day of the year with more sunlight than any other, has held huge significance for different cultures and religions throughout history. In our modern lifestyles the solstice may go unnoticed if we don’t intentionally recognize it. This summer, taking a moment to appreciate the gift of extra daylight can help to center us in gratitude and harness the benefits of summer energy. We wish for extra hours in the day all year long, craving more productivity and energy– when we actually get them, let’s celebrate!

Your Summer Meditation

For a simple summer meditation, find a comfortable seat where you will not be disturbed. Maybe this is a beloved outdoor spot where you can connect directly to the earth, or a special indoor space where you feel relaxed and safe. The goal is to release any tension in your body while remaining alert and upright.

Taking a few deep breaths in and out through the nose, begin to focus your mind on the solar plexus, or the spot just beneath your bottom ribs. Imagine a bright yellow light starting to shine from that spot, radiating out through your limbs. As you continue to breathe and focus your mind on this yellow light, see it move past the boundaries of your body and start to shine into the space around you.

Holding this vision, allow your mind to open and ask yourself, Where am I guided to take action this season? Rest in the silence that follows your internal question. If you don’t hear an answer right away, that’s okay. You may not have any insights until much later, but creating space is the first step. Images and thoughts may flash across your vision, but keep your focus on the yellow light and on your breath. Feel into that space below your bottom ribs.

Letting go of the image of the yellow light, allow your mind to fill with anything and everything you want to experience this summer– connecting with nature, laughing with friends, moving forward with your goals. Stay in this space of excitement, gratitude, and positive expectation as long as you wish. Let the mind search for joy, and allow that sensation to fill your body.

We hope this meditation encourages you to tap into the power of your own internal summer, a place where action, energy, and spontaneity live year-round. Happy summer!

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