September 13, 2018

Meditating with the Seasons ~ Autumn

Depending on where you are in the world today, you might be feeling the first cool breezes of Autumn brushing your skin. In the Southern Hemisphere, you might have seen the first signs of spring peeking through the frosted ground. All over the globe, season changes powerfully affect our inner environment just as much as the color of the leaves on the trees.

Humans go through phases just as the Earth does, and the more in tune we are with the Earth the more we can predict and appreciate our own changes throughout the calendar year. Meditating during these times can support our well-being and harness the positive qualities of each season.

When we acknowledge the seasonal changes in our lives, we harmonize our bodies and minds with the Earth.

Autumn: Bounty and Culmination

The season of Autumn is all about bounty–imagine the hundreds of crops harvested in the fall as our ancestors celebrated another year of successful farming and prepared for the winter. Autumn is a culmination of all the efforts we put in over the course of the year. Think back to what you set out to accomplish with your resolutions in January. What are you harvesting in your life this season? How have your intentions come to fruition? What is culminating, or finishing up as you transition into the fall season?

These could be tangible things, like projects or financial goals, or they could take place within your emotional environment. Maybe you are harvesting the joy of friendship after investing in your relationships this year. Perhaps a long-awaited answer has come to you after months of questioning. Maybe you feel moved to change jobs, giving thanks for it and closing that chapter of your life. Whatever you are harvesting or finishing up, know that your instinct to do this now is natural and encouraged. As you sit in a space of receiving and appreciation for what took place this year, know that you are in harmony with the Earth’s cycles.

Your Autumn Meditation

For a simple Autumn meditation, focus on breathing deep into your belly. Imagine that a bright, warm orange glow is emanating from your center. See the warmth spread throughout your entire body. After a few breaths, ask yourself, What am I harvesting this fall? Let images come into your mind without attaching to them, noticing with gentle awareness. Give thanks for the bounty of the year.

After a few more breaths, ask yourself, What is coming to a close for me? Just as before, allow images to come into your mind without judgment. Give thanks for the process of beginning and ending. Picture yourself gently releasing anything that is coming to a close. Watch it float away peacefully, the way a leaf falls from a tree in autumn.

Practice this meditation for 10-15 minutes a day as we transition into fall. You might find yourself feeling more in tune with the Earth’s changes, and understanding of your own internal landscape. Each season is unique and powerful. Harmonizing your mind with the Earth through seasonal meditations can enhance your mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

Let us know how your Autumn meditation goes, and stay tuned for Winter, Spring, and Summer meditations later this year!


Written by Featured Guest Writer – Madeline Winchester

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