The Importance of Self-Expression

Self-expression is never more vital than in times of uncertainty. Turning to creative projects can provide a beautiful sense of purpose and fulfillment when the future is unclear. Benefitting both the personal and the collective, sharing your true essence creates a ripple effect of positive energy. Here are 5 benefits of self-expression and how they contribute to increased happiness.

Allowing your true essence to shine

When we express ourselves through creative projects, special talents, sharing our genuine thoughts, and more, we allow our inner selves to be seen by others. Our true essence shines through in moments of excitement and in things we create. Imagine watching a friend dance on stage for the first time, lit up with energy and passion. You would feel like you had seen an entirely new side of them. These flashes of pure joy and connection show our true essence to the world. Dropping any self-consciousness and allowing ourselves to be seen increases our sense of fulfillment and happiness.

Moving stuck energy

Especially when self-expression involves movement or creation of something physical, it can help to move stuck energy in our minds and bodies. Expressing something that has been weighing on your heart, nagging at you, can feel like a relief. Have you ever had an idea (a song title, an image of a future painting, the first line of a poem) that you couldn’t get out of your head until you wrote it down? Have you ever felt energy bursting to get out of your body that wouldn’t leave until you danced it out?
Self-expression in this way allows us to move energy through and out, so more ideas can continue flowing.

Creating deeper connections

When we truly express ourselves, whether that’s through a creative pursuit or an honest conversation, we give others the opportunity to connect with us. Witnessing vulnerability and creativity inspires others to express themselves as well. The most honest pieces of self-expression are often the most beloved because they create deep connections with others by being raw and real. These connections with others then enhance our lives and nurture our communities.

Increasing confidence

By creating something or speaking our minds, we increase our confidence. Holding something in our hands, watching a video, hearing a song, or reading a piece of writing that we created is a huge emotional and mental boost! Seeing a project through to fruition, however big or small, is an accomplishment to be celebrated and encourages further creativity.

Creating inner freedom and states of flow

The process of self-expression often includes moments of blissful flow–imagine the times when you’ve lost yourself in a creative project that you were excited about. Time seems to suspend and you forget all to-do lists, obligations, schedules, and worries. This is such a valuable state of freedom to access. Not only does it provide you with a break from whatever might be weighing on you, but it allows you to tap into your innate gifts and channel something new into the world.

Let us know: how do you most love to express yourself? In what ways do those moments contribute to your happiness?

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