What exactly is yoga?

Yoga, as practiced in the United States, is typically made up of three elements: physical postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama), and meditation (dyana).

By utilizing these three elements, you can gain a better perspective on what your needs are, body, mind, and soul. This is the key to wellness and leading a healthy and happy life.

A typical yoga class will begin with a centering, breathing practice, followed by a physical sequence of postures, and ending with a short meditation or breathing practice during a period of rest.

Why should I do yoga?

Practicing yoga is taking time for yourself, a time to go inward and pay attention to what is going on in your body and in your mind. By practicing yoga, you can help reduce your level of stress, feel better in your body, and gain useful tools for maintaining a positive and happy lifestyle.

How often should I do yoga?

Every time you roll out your mat to practice yoga, you get a healthy reminder to breathe and strengthen your mind-body connection. Whether it happens daily, weekly, or whenever you can fit it in, practice gratitude to yourself for taking the time to practice. There are many short sequences and mindfulness exercises you can incorporate into your morning or evening routine.

What do I wear when I do yoga?

You will want to wear something you are comfortable in and something that allows freedom of movement in your body. Light layers are recommended so you can remove a layer of clothing when needed, and add a layer if you need to.

I am not flexible at all, can I still do yoga?

Absolutely! Yoga is not about being the most flexible or contorting your body into crazy poses. You move in a way that feels good in your body. With a daily practice, you may start to see your flexibility improve!

What can I expect from a community yoga class?

We promote inclusivity, positivity, and community in all our in-person classes. That means there is often conversation and laughter before class and we happily welcome beginner and seasoned yogis alike. Your instructor will play music suited to the style of class and together you will move and breathe through poses.

What are the benefits of doing private instruction?

With private instruction, you get a personalized approach to yoga that fits into YOUR schedule. Your sessions are designed with your body, goals, and schedule in mind. Go at your own pace and set achievable goals that you can reach with your instructor.

I have a very busy schedule with little time for yoga, how can it help me?

YES! By utilizing the mindfulness and breathing techniques you learn from your yoga practice, you will be better equipped to handle your busiest of days.