Class Descriptions

Find the Perfect Fit

All yoga classes focus on strengthening the mind-body connection through breath, movement, and awareness.

Common side-effects of a yoga practice include reduced stress, improved mobility, and more smiles.

Difficulty Level Key

– beginner

– intermediate

– advanced

Gentle Yoga

A gentle and restorative practice that is perfect for those new to yoga. Gentle yoga moves at a slower pace and offers more pose variations to accommodate every body type. All ability levels are welcome.

Easy Slow Flow

Gentle in nature, easy slow flow offers more poses at a steady but comfortable pace. Ideal for beginners or yogis still interested in instructor cues yet would like to advance and refine their practice. All ability levels are welcome.

Slow Flow

Similar to easy slow flow but includes more poses and longer pose sequences. Designed for beginners and intermediate yogis that have a working knowledge of basic yoga poses. A comfortable practice with a low to moderate impact.

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa means to “move with the breath”. Using an active breath connected with more complex pose sequencing, vinyasa flow helps to build stability, strength, and stamina. Perfect for the intermediate to advanced yogi that is looking for a yoga workout.

Restorative Yoga

By its nature, restorative yoga helps to relax and heal. Using props to support the body and make poses more accessible, it is the ideal counter-balance to the stresses of daily life. Perfect for bodies that need extra love and care. All ability levels are welcome.

Yin Yoga

Focusing on fewer poses and holding stretches for a longer period of time (sometimes up to five minutes per pose), yin yoga targets the connective tissue in the body. Restorative in nature, yin can help to open up and relax tense muscle groups.

Musician’s Yoga

Musicians put a lot of stress on their bodies using small muscle groups for extended periods of time. Musician’s yoga is designed to combat the tension that builds from long hours of practice and the rigors of performing. Learn how to build body awareness, have better breath support, healthy practice habits, and most importantly, how to enhance your playing with more confidence.

Partner Yoga

Experience the joy of yoga with your significant other, best friend, or family member. Come together to explore and connect through movement, breathing, stretching, and maybe even have a few laughs. All ability levels are welcome.

Kids Yoga

A yoga practice can increase awareness and focus, improve physical fitness and posture, improve breathing techniques, reduce stress, and increase confidence, and we love offering kids opportunities to benefit in these ways at a young age. Kids love our classes because learning new ways to use their bodies and minds is exciting and rewarding, and we love seeing our students building confidence in themselves!