June 19, 2018

Yoga at Home

A dedicated yoga practice can mean different things to different people. Some people practice at a studio several times a week, while others find it hard to get to even one weekly class.

We often get asked about our personal yoga practice and how frequently we do yoga. Like most people, it varies from week to week. Thankfully, we have been blessed with a spare room in our house that we turned into a modest practice space which makes it easier to fit into our daily routine.

By bringing your practice to your home, it can be easier to dedicate time on the mat daily and you don’t need an entire room dedicated to yoga! Find a small spot in your house, maybe it’s in the living room or perhaps an office. Wherever it is, carve out a space that you can come to every day and lay your mat out.

We have compiled a list of our favorite yoga resources to use when you just can’t make it to your local studio.


For yoga beginners, we recommend Yoga With Adriene. Her YouTube channel has a great selection of yoga videos. Some videos are specific, such as Yoga for Anxiety or Yoga for Weight Loss. I recommend first trying her 30 Days of Yoga. It is a great challenge, and many videos are shorter in length, making it easier to find time to get it done!

If you are looking for yoga videos that are longer in length and a broader selection, try Do Yoga With Me. This website has a variety of styles and a variety of teachers. You can search by length, style, teacher, or difficulty level. Some videos are only accessible with a membership, but there are many many free options to try.


If you would like to develop your yoga skills to begin sequencing on your own, books are a great way to start. We keep a collection of books for reference and just to get inspired.

15 Minute Yoga is a short book with four different daily sequences to practice. Make sure to take your time and go through the asanas slowly at first which will likely take you longer than 15 minutes. For a more involved practice, you can hold the poses longer or repeat the sequences more than once.

The Yoga Year is our newest find and we love it! It breaks down the poses and helps you learn how to transition between poses. What’s particularly nice is that the book is designed for each season so you can vary your practice over the course of the year.  A lot of sequences are short and are meant to be repeated. They are also broken down into seated, standing, bends and a brief history of yoga is sprinkled throughout the book.

Online Resources

If you are looking to challenge yourself with different poses or learning new twists or bends, there are a couple websites I would recommend checking out Yoga International. Yoga International has a database of poses which is searchable and you can search by name, style, or category.

Yoga Journal is an online and print publication with many articles on yoga in general and tips on developing your practice. They have many great short articles on sequencing for specific muscles groups and other yoga themes. Their website also has a breakdown of poses, short practices, and wonderful articles on yoga and meditation.

HomeGym101 has compiled a list of 115 yoga poses to try, from beginner to intermediate to advanced. Each pose comes with a link to an instructional video.

Well Rounded Guru

We always welcome comments, questions, or concerns you have about yoga. Please feel free to comment on this post, send us an email, or post on our Facebook page to find out more information about the yoga that we do and like to share with our classes!

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