February 17, 2019

Staying Active in the Winter

As temperatures drop in winter, we might joke about going into hibernation until spring. But chilly weather doesn’t have to stop us from sticking to the healthy resolutions we made at the turn of the new year. Lots of joy can be found in staying active in the winter, and research has shown that movement helps combat the potential negative effects of shorter days and low light. If you need inspiration to get up and move when a pile of cozy blankets seems much more appealing, keep reading to find our favorite helpful tips!

1.“There is No Bad Weather, Just Bad Clothing.”

It is often said that there is no such thing as bad weather if you have the proper gear. Investing a little time in researching the best quality clothing layers, shoes, hats, and more, can set you up for success when the wintry blasts begin. If you’re prepared with proper clothing, it can be invigorating to get out in the winter sun and go for a jog, sled, or bike. You can even turn it into a family event– get everyone bundled up and visit a path you normally walk in the summer, to experience a familiar place in a new way.

2. Explore New Yoga Practices

Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or couldn’t pick a triangle pose out of a lineup, winter is an amazing time to explore warming yoga practices. You can build your own flow to increase heat, moving through your favorite poses to stretch and strengthen the body. Using a practice called ujjayi breath can also build internal body heat and energy. For even more intensity, find a hot yoga studio near you and get mentally prepared to sweat. There are a wide variety of heated yoga options–whether that warmth comes from within or without, it’s a great choice for the winter months!

3) Commit with a Buddy  

An accountability partner is one way to motivate yourself to follow through on your plans to stay active. If you have the best of intentions but find yourself struggling to actually leave the house, confirming plans with someone can make committing to your workout much easier. We are also more likely to try something new when we have a friend to join us– so call your most adventurous buddy and sign up to try indoor rock climbing, a Zumba class, or tai chi. Even if it’s something outside of your normal routine, bonding with a friend and moving your body will prove wonderful for your wellbeing.

4) Try Home Workouts

On the days when leaving the house for an activity is out of the question, look no further than your phone or laptop for a myriad of movement options. As the famous commercial says, there’s an app for that! For Pilates, yoga, tabata, bodyweight workouts, and more, one quick search will yield hundreds of videos and apps you can explore that require no equipment. YouTube is an amazing resource for home workouts, and if you find a teacher you love, you can continue to come back to their videos year-round. One of our favorites is the 7-Minute Workout. There is a variety of app options and YouTube videos to add a short, but effective routine to your day.

5) Build Movement into Your Lifestyle

A tip that applies in every season, but can be especially helpful in the colder months, is to build more movement into your lifestyle. This helps to automate your activity level so that it feels like a natural, normal part of your everyday routine. Plan a few hours to do active housework, have a tiny dance party, use the stairs at work and out shopping, park farther away than you normally would, and stand up from your desk every so often to stretch. All of these little choices add up throughout the days, weeks, and months of winter, so that you stay active and feel just as great when the warm temperatures come around again.

We wish you all warmth, ease, and energy with these tools. Let us know your favorite ways to say active in the winter!

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