September 2, 2019

Back to School Meditations

Suddenly it’s everywhere: massive banners in the convenience store, loud commercials on tv and the radio, calendar reminders drawing ever closer. The transition from summer to fall is accompanied by one of the biggest events of the year– back to school!

Whether you’re in school yourself or you have kids who are, this time of year can bring a wide variety of emotions. You may be anxious, thrilled, relieved, melancholy, or any other feeling that accompanies a significant shift in your routine. Here at Well Rounded Guru, we wanted to provide two meditations that can help center and ground you and your family through the back to school transition. 

Parents, we understand that after a long hot summer of entertaining your little ones, back to school may feel like a blissful oasis in the desert. But the shift in routine can also come with some growing pains in both your personal and family routine. You may have natural anxieties about the educational or social environment that you’re sending your loved one into for an entire year. Try the below steps to embody positive expectation and a relaxed mindset about the back to school transition. Then, share the second meditation with your kids to help them feel calm, safe, and excited about the new school year. Feel free to modify it, adding or taking away any details that would help it suit your child’s age and interests. 

Back to School Meditation for Parents

Finding a comfortable seat, close your eyes and take a moment to mentally scan your body. Are you holding tension somewhere? If so, envision your breath traveling to that spot on each inhale. Release and relax. 

Once you are comfortable, place your attention on your forehead, right between your eyebrows. This is your center of thought and intuition. Feel into the energy that you are holding in this space– is there stress? Cloudiness? Confusion or clarity? Is your mind cluttered with to-do lists? Try to notice what’s happening without judgement. Gentle awareness will allow you to identify what you need in order to feel more balanced.  

Next, shift your attention to your heart space and call up an image of your child or children who are going back to school. See their happy, smiling, shining faces. Envision them walking towards a beautiful building that’s glowing with a soft white light. As you send them off, feel your heart filling with a sense of peace, trust, and gratitude. Know that they are protected and celebrated. 

Sit with your attention on your heart as long as feels comfortable. When you return, reflect on the idea that when you identify your own needs first, you are better equipped to pour love and support into your kids. 

Back to School Meditation for Kids

Sitting cross-legged, close your eyes and start to notice your breathing. Take long, deep breaths in, and long, deep breaths out. Imagine that your belly is a balloon and each breath is blowing it up, and then slowly letting it deflate. Deep breathing helps us to relax our bodies and minds. 

With your eyes closed, picture a classroom. What do you see? Is it colorful? Is it filled with your friends? What feelings do you have when you see the classroom?

Keep breathing in and out, inflating your belly like a balloon. With your eyes still closed, wrap your arms around your chest like you are giving yourself a giant hug. 

When we go back to school, it’s important to feel calm and safe. At any time during school if you are overwhelmed, excited, sad, or frustrated, you can stop, close your eyes, and take long deep breaths like you’re doing now. Let this big hug you are giving yourself remind you that you always have a friend, and you can always count on yourself. 

When you’re ready, let go of your arms, take one more big deep breath, and open your eyes!

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