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Here’s what we’ve been cooking in our kitchen, how we’ve been staying active, and what we’ve been reading while curled up on the couch.

Curing the Winter Blues

We’ve all been there: you’re sitting on the couch on a chilly December night, a sleepy feeling pulling on your eyelids. You haven’t done much with your evening, but you tell yourself that’s okay. It’s bedtime anyway…
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4 Daily Habits to Increase Productivity

Many people think they are not “naturally” creative. We often reserve that title for people who paint murals, write songs, or design logos. Obviously those tasks are creative, but we can also widen the definition to inclu…
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Gut Health

Chances are, if you’ve visited a wellness website or picked up a health and fitness magazine in the last few years, you’ve seen at least three (or ten!) articles on gut health. The wellness industry has focused heavily on…
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