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Here’s what we’ve been cooking in our kitchen, how we’ve been staying active, and what we’ve been reading while curled up on the couch.

Yogi Training Part II – Transformation of Self

I have always been fond of school, the classroom, and process of learning in general; if given the right subject. Philosophy in particular has always been an interest of mine. After all, Jourdan and I met in Philosophy of Lov…
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Carrot Ginger Muffins

Who doesn’t love muffins? Muffins have become a favorite breakfast item, snack, and coffee pal across America. There are endless possibilities of ingredients that can be used. They can be incredibly different, from bran…
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Yogi Training Part I – A Day in the Life

Having completed our second weekend of yoga teacher training, I can say we are really pleased with the experience and happy to a part of Breathe For Change. So far the training has covered a lot of ground in a short peri…
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